Benefits of Polystyrene Beehives

All of our products at Paradise Honey including beehives, automatic beehive honey extractors, and more have been created after many years of experience and research. When choosing a bee box, consider our quality polystyrene beehives. Polystyrene is a versatile, lightweight and hard wearing plastic that has been stringently tested and has been shown to reap tremendous results in Paradise Honey Beehives. Some of the benefits of polystyrene beehives include:

They are Lightweight

Polystyrene beeboxes are lightweight. They are easy to transport and handle. This is highly advantageous for beekeepers who regularly transport large quantities of beehives.

Long Lasting

Our polystyrenebeehives have been rigorously tested over a period of approximately 3 decades in extremely cold and hot temperatures. They are made of extra hardened material and are exceptionally durable.

Large Density Food Grade

Our bee boxes are food grade, and the densities are greater than 100 m3.

Enhanced Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of polystyrene beehives enables bees to survive in extremely coldand damp winters. They are also protected from hot summer climates. This encourages a faster production of a new brood and more honey production. Colonies in polystyrene hives generally build up 2-3 weeks earlier than colonies in wooden hives,and will begin flying earlier in the day.

The benefits of polystyrene bee boxes in keeping bee colonies healthy throughout winter is enormous.

As the hive is warmer in winter bees will need less food. Likewise, bees spend less energy keeping the hive cooler in summer. These energy saving factors give the bee colony more energy to spend on producing honey.

Easycare Equipment

Feedersare easily installed and removed in our polystyrene beehives. The entire bee box unit is very simple to assemble and disassemble.

Polystyrene hives do not have any preservation requirements, and will not be affected by rot or woodworm. They will not need to be treated with chemicals in any form. This leads to healthier bees.

At Paradise Honey, we are world leaders in the manufacture of professional beekeeping equipment including polystyrene beehives, automatic beehive honey extractor equipment, uncapping lines, honey and wax separators and more. Contact us for more information on your honey processing needs today.