How to Plan and Purchase Your Beehive

Now that you are ready to purchase your beehive you have a little planning to do! Starting out as a beekeeper is exciting and there is certainly some preparation to do before you get started.

Time of Year

Unfortunately, you cannot start beekeeping at any time of year. Spring is the timeof year to get started. The weather in spring is ideal for population growth, and the bees will be active. Pollen flow and nectar will be at its highest levels.

Pre-order your colonies if you can. Bee colonies and beekeeping equipment will be in high demand at this time. Pre-ordering will ensure that you do not miss out.

Your Bee Box and Beekeeping Equipment

Order your beekeeping equipment in Autumn and get to know how it works in the warmer weather - before your bees arrive! Research the bestbeehive options for you. Consider what type of bee box you need, whether you need other equipment such as honey extraction kit purchases and honey and wax separators,and research honey processing equipment for sale.

Check Laws and Regulations

Every country and state has different laws relating to beekeeping and honey extraction. Research laws relating to your country and state,and also with your local government body. If it is not possible to keep bees on your own property, you may choose to get in touch with someone who will let you keep them on their property (such as a farmer) in exchange for honey supplies!

Get a Beekeeping Mentor

There are many experienced beekeepers around who will be happy to mentor you in your new endeavor. If you do not have a mentor, consider taking some beekeeping courses. Your local University or college may be able to help.

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