Why NUC & Mate is a Multifunctional Tool for Making New Colonies

NUC & Mate is a beekeeper’s dream when it comes to making new colonies or raising new queen bees. The 6 Frame NUC & Mate box can be sectioned into two separate hives having three frames each. In this way two queen bees can be mated at the same time. The division can be removed from the bee box and used as one larger 6 frame unit again later if the beekeeper wishes to take new colonies over the winter months. The equipment is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The bee box is designed to be long lasting and when properly used can last for up to 30 years. The NUC & Mate bee box is constructed of superior, high tech, food grade strengthened expanded polystyrene, and has a density over 100 kg/m3.

This product is highly advanced and has been developed and testing in harsh weather conditions ranging from minus 35 degrees in winter up to more than 30 degrees in summer. The screen bottom has scalloped edges and an aluminium screen, and is generally left open for maximum ventilation. The bee box has been designed with ultimate ventilation benefits in mind. We recommend that the NUC & Mate bee box is kept raised off the ground for the ultimate health of your bees.

When in use in the apiary the bee box tops are topped with a brick or stone of around 2kg in weight to keep them in place. In hot climates or when being transported, the top of the NUC & Mate beehive box can be placed upside down. This forms a tunnel about the frames and gives additional ventilation. A screen on top of the hives stops the bees from escaping. Whentransporting the NUC and Mate unit, use a strap to secure it.

With its multifunction ability to be used as one or two hives, the NUC & Mate bee box is a trulyinnovative tool when it comes to making new colonies.