Honey Processing Equipment for Sale

Whether you are a hobby apiarist or a commercial honey producer, you'll find the most advanced honey extractors at Paradise Honey. We supply dependable honey production solutions to clients right across Australia and New Zealand. Choose from a fantastic range of honey production equipment, processing equipment, extraction equipment and beehives that will help you get the most out of your investment. For a sweet deal on the best honey processing products for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Paradise Honey today.

BeeBox BeeHives

Bee box bee hives

Benefit from the very best in Finnish design with our great choice of BeeBox BeeHives. The BeeBox series of polystyrene beehives is lightweight, easy to assemble and has been tested in everything from the harshest Scandinavian winters to hotter climates. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bees have a secure environment in which to produce the best yield for many decades to come.

Uncapping Lines

Uncapping line

Whether you have one beehive or 300 hives, our honey and wax separators will streamline the process of opening honey cells and separating honey and wax. Paradise Honey's uncapping devices will save you time and help you focus on more productive tasks.

Honey/Wax Press System

Honey and Wax Press System

Paradise Honey offers you a variety of powerful, energy efficient honey extraction equipment. With capacities ranging from 50kg to 1000kg per hour, we have a system perfect for almost any size operation.


Honey and Wax Separation

Machine used for Honey and Wax Separation

If you need ongoing honey and wax separation on a commercial scale, one of our Honey and Wax Centrifuges is the answer. These powerful machines require no supervision and will operate continuously all day.

Uncapping Machines

Uncapping Machine

Uncapping honeycombs is made easy with our top quality uncapping machines! You can expect speedy performance and ultimate precision for small, medium or large beekeeping applications.


Beekeeping accessories

Paradise Honey is your complete source of beekeeping products and accessories. Speak to our team for hot water units, stands for uncapping machines, deboxers and more!


Honey Extracting Lines

Honey Extracting Line

Whatever the size of your production facility, Paradise Honey can supply you with a comprehensive honey processing line. We are here to help you maximise your yield, your efficiency and your profitability. 

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